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Designer Prints™ Bow Technique

Lucks Designer Prints™ decorations allow you to easily add design to gum paste or fondant bows. It’s a good idea to practice your bow making technique with plain gum paste or fondant until you have that part perfected. You can always reroll your mistakes if you haven’t added colors or Designer Prints™ sheets yet.

1. Prepare your Designer Prints™ sheets ahead of time by trimming away the white edges all the way around the strip while it is still on the backing sheet.
· For best results use a Ribbon Insertion Tool (item #43381) with the pointed blade or an X-Acto type razor knife.
· Return your Designer Prints™ sheets to their metalized pouch, and reseal until you are ready to use.
2. Prepare the fondant or a fondant/gum paste mix.
3. Roll out fondant as thin as you can work with.
4. Apply the Designer Prints™.
· If fondant or fondant/gum paste mix is still tacky, you can apply Designer Prints™ decorations without any additional moisture.
· If it is not tacky, use a brush and apply a VERY THIN swipe of plain water to the fondant or fondant/gum paste mix where you will be placing the Designer Prints™ sheets. Be sure there are no puddles of water. You can also use your airbrush with plain water to moisten the surface.
· Lay the Designer Prints™ sheets on the fondant or fondant/gum paste mix, face up.
· Press (do not rub) to make sure the Designer Prints™ sheets have adhered.
5. Trim away excess.
6. Trim the Designer Prints™ sheets into one inch strips the long way of the strip.
7. Make loops with each strip. You will see how long to cut your strips by how big the bow you are making will be. Trim loops at the ends to a point. Shape the loops set on their sides to dry overnight.
8. Leave some of the strips for the tails of your bow.
9. When pieces are dry you can assemble your bow with royal icing and let dry off the cake, or you can assemble your bow with royal icing and let dry on a piece of parchment overnight.

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