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Joshua John Russell
Una de las ultimas tendencias en la decoracion de bizcochos creada por John Russell.
Add Decorative Details to Your Cakes With Modern Piping
By Joshua John Russell | Food Network challenger
Turn any cake into a work of art with the tricks, tips, and techniques I teach in my new online Craftsy class, Modern Piping. Hello! I’m Joshua John Russell and I am so excited to work with Craftsy to teach you how to elegantly decorate any cake. Sign up for Modern Piping now for $29.99!
Design cakes that are sure to impress.
Design cakes that are sure to impress.
Learn my signature techniques for perfectly piped details. Say goodbye to string work, this class is all about fun, fresh, and easy piping. In Modern Piping, we’ll cover three cakes that increase in difficulty as you build your skills and master these techniques. We’ll start with the basics: what materials to use, what materials not to use, and my signature recipe for whipping up the perfect royal icing. Then, onto the fun part, decorating! First, learn all about filigree. I teach how to pull inspiration from floral patterns and calligraphy and construct a stencil from parchment paper. Then, I teach how to draw that stencil onto the cake using straight pins, and finish the design by piping over it in royal icing. The result is a beautifully monogramed, personalized cake, the perfect addition to a wedding or party. Next, bring some bling to the table with cake jewelry. By demonstrating hand-sculpting techniques, I make an elegant broach out of gum paste. Attach this piece of jewelry to the cake and add a bit of faux-pearl piping around it for a sophisticated touch. Finally, I show how to take your stencil-work a step further by combining acetate and print images for a totally unique cake design. Smooth over the cutouts with royal icing, and you have a beautifully decorated cake.
Add small details that add elegance and style.
Add small details that add
elegance and style.
I have so many tips and tricks up my sleeves that take the fear out of piping and enable you to bring your creativity to life. Learn how to pipe borders, use metallic, style cakes, and much more. Even better, all of these great techniques are totally versatile --- change the motif, décor, and color schemes to match whatever project you have at hand!

Cakes are a true passion of mine, and I have been designing cakes and sugar art for the past 10 years. My designs are all about incorporating the culture and beauty that I am surrounded by. I have a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Johnson and Wales University, and got my start in the industry at the famous Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. I’m lucky enough to have had my designs featured in various books, magazines, ad campaigns, and on television. I am a 15-time Food Network challenger, and couldn’t be happier to be here teaching a Craftsy course.
Learn easy tips and tricks!
Learn easy tips and tricks!
Decorating the mystifying, show-stopping, and just overall brilliant cakes you see on TV can seem intimidating. But Craftsy classes are fully interactive, so throw your cares and concerns away because it really is like I’m right there in your kitchen whipping, icing, and piping with you! Once you sign up for a class, your registration never expires. Watch your videos whenever you want, however many times you want. If you’re not happy, Craftsy will refund your money, no questions asked.
Express your artistry and create cakes that are sure to impress.

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