jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Platos personalizados para cualquier evento

Siempre poniéndolos al tanto de todo lo que esta pasando,
acabo de encontrar esta SUPER INTERESANTE información
y jamás dudé que resultaría de grato interés para todos.

Personalized Party Plates

You never thought you'd see yourself on a commemorative plate. (Kate Middleton, you're not.)

But when you recently reached that milestone birthday, your family just couldn't resist. They made sure that you weren't just the center of attention, but on the center of the dessert plates, too.

And it wasn't a royal pain to pull off.

All they had to do was visit Hallmark.com, select a design and upload photos to create unique Personalized Party Plates.

Hallmark offers hundreds of designs across several themes—such as birthday, baby and wedding—with the option to insert text as well. There's even room to include a special message on the back of the 9-inch plates.

It's enough special attention to make anyone feel like royalty.

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