jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Earn Your Easter Stripes

Wouldn't it be great if eggs were naturally a rainbow of inspiring colors? With this simple technique, you can tailor your eggs in an infinite number of ways. Everyone will be so impressed with these easy‑to‑make, multi‑color, striped Easter eggs. They'll make a perfect centerpiece on Easter Sunday.
·         Jumbo, large, and/or small eggs
·         Several bright Easter egg dyes
·         A roll of masking or painters tape
·         Package of small rubber bands
·         Several fine paintbrushes (one for each dye)
How To Make It
1. Boil the eggs and let cool.
2. Wrap tape in circles around various parts of the eggs—can go in all directions.
3. Secure small rubber bands firmly in various untaped areas of the eggs. This will leave both wide and narrow stripes all around the egg, while also leaving white space.
4. With fine brushes, dye eggs in whatever color(s) you choose and let dry.
5. Remove tape and rubber bands and repeat steps 2 and 3 in different places on already stripe‑dyed eggs.
6. Paint eggs with dye again in a different color and let dry.
7. Remove tape and rubber bands and you should have several multi‑colored, wide and narrow stripes around your eggs.
8. Repeat steps 2 ‑ 5 as much or as little as desired.
·         Cut tape in different widths to your liking. Use different rubber band width sizes as you like.
·         Use less tape and rubber bands to take advantage of white space.
·         Use contrasting colors that accentuate one another on each egg.
·         Don't be afraid to re‑dye some colored stripes with 2nd colors to create new colors.

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