martes, 17 de enero de 2012

How To - Baby Shower Top

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Cut a round base out of fondant or gumpaste approximately 4”. Colour approximately 3 ozs. of fondant skin colour. Use approx 2 ozs. to make a “pear shaped” body. Attach to base. Make baby’s head using about half of remaining fondant. Mark facial features and attach head to body with uncooked spaghetti. Make hands and feet and allow these and body to dry for approximately 24 hours. Complete baby face and pipe hair with royal icing (using a 1.5 tip). For the blanket, colour approximately 2 ozs of fondant in the required colour, cut into a square and roll with a textured rolling pin. If you would like a fringed edge, cut with small scissors until desired effect is created after using textured pin. Fold blanket over and place around baby. Place hands and feet accordingly.

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